Russian Prose

5K Mistletoe

This morning we are running 5K mistletoe at our local YMCA. I registered at the last minute and actually did not practice for it at all. I think I’ll be in the world of pain as I’ll more likely push myself to the limit…gonna be fun!

My Angel Graffiti in Almaty

We were walking from “Zeleniy Bazar” down the street, I was just taking photos when I saw something out of the ordinary. The whole place is kind of the ordinary, but you get quickly use to it and then you have to look for extra nuggets. This type of open window little markets are very common and usually occupied by female merchants, mostly “babushkas”. This one sells all kind of fresh flowers.

And the graffiti… it says: “Forgive me my angel without wings…” what ever he/she meant by it… we’ll never know

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