Monday Morning Movie

If video is not shown in the browser or applications then visit it at Evening in NYC from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

Well, Thanksgiving break is over, I’m not sure if I’m ready go back to work, thankfully there are only three and half weeks till Christmas break, only three and half weeks. Hopefully it will go fast and then another one and half week little break. We are trying to decide right now if we go anywhere over Christmas break or stay in town… maybe do some work on the house or something else. It would be nice to go somewhere at least for a few days.

I’d like to visit NYC again, maybe next Spring, hopefully after they finish the new world trade center tower. Come to the same spot and take another time-lapse and a few photos. I think it should be much taller than it was back in June.

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5 Responses to Monday Morning Movie

  1. arnoldthearmadillo says:

    The time lapse stuff is very cool

  2. Somehow NYC still looks the same since the last time I visited, except perhaps there is more hustle and bustle with millions of people.

  3. wanderingimages says:

    Lovely shots and time lapse video. I have not yet dabbled in time lapse. I did a stop motion video of NYC in July. I posted it on my other blog: Bicycles in Motion in support of bicycle advocacy. Not as nice as your video and quality not as good.

    I perused your other images as well… nice work.

  4. kelihasablog says:

    Stunning…. I’ve never been to NYC, but it looks magical from this view… at night… 😀

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