Morning Dew

The grass is full of morning dew. All you have to do is look at it in high resolution to see millions little water bubbles, shining under the morning sun. Just click on it.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there!

Click me!!!

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9 Responses to Morning Dew

  1. traveller858 says:

    Great shot especially when viewed on full screen.

  2. tripodtrippin says:

    I agree with ‘traveller858’. It’s thoroughly beautiful!

  3. johanstellerphotography says:

    nice atmosphere, beautiful

  4. It is a beautiful shot, captures the essence of morning perfectly!

  5. Ed Spadoni says:

    Beautiful colors and shadows.

  6. What a beautiful Thanksgiving morning view….

  7. jav3d says:

    Awesome! You captured a truly amazing image!

  8. mhdriver says:

    This photo looks like it was shot with a 4×5. beutiful photo.

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