A few Shades of Grey

I took this one on the side of the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you ever had a chance to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway you’ll know that there are not too many spots where you can openly look from it and see unobstructed mountains. Trees and high brush are all over  the sides of the parkway and while in some places you have designated view points with long range views, it is rear that you can see nearby ridges without something in front of you. This was one of those few opportunities where I could take a shot and not get anything in the foreground, well, almost, if you pay attention, there is a bit you can see, I just didn’t want to crop it all out.

One interesting observation about this ridge is how many dead trees are out there. I’m not sure if they would stand out as much during summer time, when everything is green and in full foliage, but with so many shades of Autumn colors it kind of stands out.

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8 Responses to A few Shades of Grey

  1. traveller858 says:

    Sad that the diseased trees are now becoming even more apparent and are actually adding to the colour. Love the picture.

    • Dmitrii says:

      thanks. it didn’t became obvious to me till I started processing this photo, at first all of the dead trees were not as clear visible as it is shown on the final image

  2. sjophotography says:

    Such an interesting photo. I like this because its different and not many people would see this.

  3. gacochran says:

    Love the photo. I recently drove the Parkway (from it’s Southern beginning to the Sky Line Drive in Virginia) and agree. Dead trees are especially noticeable at the higher elevations. Thanks again for sharing this photo.

  4. kalabalu says:

    Blue Ridge Parkway, got all trees lined up. Some old but holding on the ground, and young ones coming up like a green crown. Roots are tied in deep, although the ridge is steep, together the dead stands with living, the souls and bodies of tree..not yet buried but faintly crumbling, as pass the gentle breeze.

  5. melmannphoto says:

    Haven’t been back east in a while so sad to see the dead trees multiplying there as well. That’s a great composition to show the effect. At first glance I thought the grey was rocks on the hillside but it made me take a closer look to see it is trees. Great color – I miss the Appalachian autumns.

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