Friday Mystery Photo

It is another Friday of course and we have another “Friday Mystery Photo” for you. This one is from a very sunny place as we can see, even with some water, so must be easy to figure out, or is it?

I tried to put this photo through HDR process and it just didn’t look good. Sometimes single raw photo processed with HDR techniques can produce very nice results, not in this case. I liked the original look of it much better.

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14 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Shadow follows me, little bit longer, darker and free, resting on surface and not standing like me, soon it will stretch in the evening just you wait and see, but not me. I will keep on facing sun directly on me and through me, yep sun is on me and shadow is forming a nice tracery..

  2. I like the ‘out of focus’ technique in this photo – it adds to the mystery! And the iron railing, even though part of it is beautifully crisp and clear, adds to the perspective and draws your eye through to the mystery part of the scene. I can’t begin to guess where it is, though … =D

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