Orange and Blue

Another one from the recent visit to the Biltmore Estate. This photo was taken from the same spot I took the photo shown last Friday – Sunset Shooter – but was facing south instead of west. Those trees were really nicely lighted up by setting sun and everything else was just looking from my vantage point.

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22 Responses to Orange and Blue

  1. Jontacular says:

    Beautiful composition and colour!

  2. tripodtrippin says:

    Wonderful image and colours.

  3. More2Explore says:

    Nice lines and color! Perfect time of day!

  4. tobecanvas says:

    love every things in this shot

  5. ks3nia says:

    Atumn is such a lovely time if the weather is nice! You captured the light that day so nicely 😀

  6. kelihasablog says:

    The Biltmore Estate is absolutely beautiful from every direction… 😀 Your pictures capture the seasonal change wonderfully!

  7. chris13jkt says:

    Great shot! Love the composition and the colors.

  8. Mandaly94 says:

    The clouds! They draw you in 🙂

  9. Oh Dmitrii, I want to go there!

  10. Great job of photographing. It looks like a painting…

  11. Breathtaking. Makes me wish I were there.

  12. keltrustsnoone says:

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  13. Absolutely perfect – visually stunning; I could look at this photo all day; well done!!

  14. taytayb says:

    Dimitri, my friend, you always take the most amazing photos! Kudos!

  15. hermittyme says:

    This is really nice. Should be framed!

  16. hellwheeler says:

    This is one awesome and tacksharp picture.

  17. Ditto Hermittyme above – this should definitely be on a wall in a resort lodge, Dimitri! Love it! Thanks, too, for liking some of my recent posts, “Colorado” and “Misty Morning on the Lake” – appreciate it a lot.

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