Yellow Creek

Continuing with Autumn photos theme, here is another one from this years’ colorful season. We were hiking around Linville Falls when I took this photo. This is somewhere half a mile or so above the falls.

Click me!!

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8 Responses to Yellow Creek

  1. Lisa says:

    nice colours.. 🙂

  2. jav3d says:

    Awesome shot Dmitrii : )

  3. kalabalu says:

    we are all gathered here and waiting for you to join..then down we go and have a free fall !!! yipeee

  4. Takes me back to playing in the streams and sliding down the watery rocks when I was a child.

  5. kasmango says:

    love this shot! Really like all the motion that you captured 🙂

  6. faures says:

    Love the fluid movement. Gorgeous shot

  7. ghummakkad says:

    Beautiful picture, nice colours!

  8. ikhvan says:

    Dmitrii, I wonder if you have done any HDR-ed slow speed photos of the river’s stream? Must be cool to see that. 🙂

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