Forest River Park

One thing is missing in any visual art is the sense of smell. I love the smell of Autumn leaves, and when they are in such abundance, the intensity of it is so strong. I remember being at this park and inhaling the smells of it, feeling it with all of my senses, enjoying it. At least watching at this photo reminds about it, this is one of many reasons I take them, remind me of cool places I had a chance to visit.

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8 thoughts on “Forest River Park

  1. Smell does make a place desirable but not always, sometimes I feel good that paintings don’t smell of those painted..i like the boulders..doesn’t it remind us of the fact, someone tip toed out of the decaying stack..escaped the ants in their pants and one thing is for sure, I like it from here and more :)) spoil sport..spoil sport ..thats me

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