Friday Mystery Photo

Sunset Shooter

She looked to me like a pro, walking down there and shooting in every direction. She had couple cameras, one with long zoom – it was pretty long to be noticeable from this distance. She also had something on the tripod. She was shooting sunset. I wander if any of it came out good. That tree probably provides nice foreground subject. I chose to have different foreground. Maybe next time I try it down there, maybe when it is all covered with snow.

Anyway, this is Friday Mystery Photo day, where is this place?

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29 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. I’m going to guess Biltmore. Last time I was in Asheville, I saw a lady downtown shooting on a really nice RRS tripod/head setup with a D3 or aD3s. I was jealous.


    1. Thanks! Biltmore it is. It was a nice sunset, fairly cold for October as it was warm in the afternoon, but as soon as sun went down it got chilly in the mountains.

  2. BTW, you should have pinterest buttons (especially if you sell your prints). Gorgeous nature photos always do well. I’m going to pin this one to one of my boards (the image will link back to your blog).

  3. While I understand we all have our gifts, yours is special. Thanks (again) for sharing your ‘eyes’ with us. This one is going to be my new desktop wallpaper for awhile. Thank you. Dan

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