Ten Days of Autumn

For the next few days I’m going to try and post mostly Autumn photos. The Fall is almost over and I have yet to post anything with autumn colors. I’m not really sure how many I took this year, might have to go back to last year photos, I know I did take some nice photos last year and they are worth to bring back to the front page. Hopefully no one will get too tired of it.

Driving north on HW127, right before Endicott College, we saw a guy taking some photos into the forest. As I passed him I saw a little pond down below, some nice colors and the soft sun right on the trees. I had to stop, and thankfully there was one of the overflow parking lots for Endicott College just 200 meters or so from the spot. I had my 14-24 lens on the camera and from top of the HW it was too far away to take any photos. The guy was hand shooting and had a zoom lens, so he probably was OK. I went straight down the rocky slope to get close to the water. He saw me, said something to his wife and followed me down there as well. I guess I inspired him to get closer to the water as well. We chatted a bit, and immediately discovered that we both speak Russian. How funny is that. Anywhere I go I see bunch of Russians.

BTW, did you know that Endicott College is one of the most scenic colleges in America?

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25 thoughts on “Ten Days of Autumn

  1. Hehe, I recently was on a tour and be-friended 2 Russian guys coming back from a Nepal adventure. It was an amazing experience talking to them. You guys are cool!

  2. Lovely. I saw a similar scene in one of Berlin’s parks last year, and found it pretty tricky to shoot – the water’s so still and the reflection so clear it’s difficult to give the viewer something familiar to anchor onto! Amazing colours though.

  3. Never heard of the college. Now this beauty image will pop up in my mind whenever Endicott College is being mentioned. Thanks for sharing.


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