Decision Day

Battle for the White House

Well, folks it is the day you have to go out and make your vote count. Especially if you live in one of those “swing” states that will actually decide this election. Whatever you are, blue, red, or independent – go and vote. Your vote will decide who will be living in that little house.

I’m for one happy that it will be all over soon. Constant advertising is getting really old and I’ll be happy not to see or hear any of it. btw, I did early vote on Friday. Now I’ll have to decide if I want to stay late and see results or go sleep early and learn results in the morning. Hmmm, Decision Day…

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6 thoughts on “Decision Day

  1. As a none USA citizen, I have to admit, that I find that the reported billions spent on the election campaigning as being just so unbelievable. Can it be right that so much money is spent in this way, and does it mean that money buys the result in the end. We also have concern for who gets to the White House. We are told the race is too close to call….which is strange when the candidates seem poles apart. We await the reslt with a mix of hope and dread

    1. yes, that’s how we US citizens feel, too. We’d rather truly know what our candidates stand for than have to walk through all this expensive tripe that could go for much better causes and purposes. The point you make about the race being too close to call on such varying platforms may be a sad commentary to how divided our nation’s attitudes and values have become; or it may simply mean that we still don’t know or believe what any of our politicians stand for except wishing for us to live in a state of confusion. And yet, I did vote 2 Fridays ago (while scrunching my eyes together & holding my nose).

    1. You are dead right…everyones voice matters. But what is just as important is the questions you are asked to vote upon. From the U.K.side of the ‘pond’ I have the feeling that our politicians ask the questions and raise the issues that are important to them rather than what we the voters feel are the important issues……add sound bites that scoot round issues and folk just loose heart and interest. Only winners are politicians of whatever party. Very sad.

  2. Sorry Dimitrii, I had no intention of hijacking your blog….I just expressed a view many of us here have of the Elections. So many apologies and that is it no more comment from me. All the best.

  3. I agree David, and I’m glad it’s over. Now broken hearted at how much the country is divided and the amount of racism that’s still in the air.

    Thanks Dmitrii for the post, I was trying to convince my friends who didn’t want to vote that every vote counts and that people all over are dying to get their right to vote!

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