Rainbow Effect

Last weekend we were in Boston area visiting my daughter, it was parents weekend. On Saturday we drove up from Boston along the coast and stopped at a few locations to enjoy the views and take some photos.

Couple hours before sunset we made our way to Manchester little harbor, I was going to take a few photos of the boats and use some rest facilities. Then we saw this up in the sky. Incredible array of rainbows. I have never seen so many rainbows and some pretty cool light effects in the sky. Nice show of illumination before the storm.

How many rainbows do you see?

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46 thoughts on “Rainbow Effect

    1. cool, thanks, I didn’t know that, I guess it was cold enough in the sky for ice crystals, because it was around 60F on the ground at that time.

  1. Well, you learn something new everyday, but whatever they are…. I think you took an amazing picture! I assume this was pre-Sandy or there wasn’t much trouble there. My son lived in Boston for several years, but I was too chicken to drive up… maybe one day. This just shows the beauty to be found there.
    PS~ Thanks for visiting my blog as well, otherwise, I’d have never seen yours… 😀

  2. I see 4 rainbows ( doesn’t matter if its a real one or light refractions etc.)
    rainbows are the reason to smile . The treasure is the colors that are in a band for a while over the huge canvass, sky that is permanently changing in delight..to surprise us daily :))
    good post.

  3. Awesome 🙂 what a wonderful vista the earth created and for you to capture beautifully 🙂 thankyou for visiting my blog 🙂

  4. I’ve never seen anything like this before. When I first saw the photo I assumed it was some type of effect, but nature has the ability to astound all on its own. A gorgeous and enlightening photo!

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