Friday Mystery Photo

Winter is Coming

It is getting chilly outside, in many places its even snowed, and most leaves are pretty much gone or about to. Another winter is just around the corner. There will be plenty of grey days in the next few months, just like one I had on that specific day. At least that beautiful yellow was something that pleased the eye and provided nice contrast with other naked trees and grey skies.

Anyone to guess where this place is? Even if you never been to this cool town, there are some clues…just saying…

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28 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

      1. When I saw the shops I thought, wrong. It was the style of the tower,that gave me the idea of Harvard. Happy that I get so close.
        Like your pictures and videos.

  1. Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog! As you probably already know from reading other comments the location is in New England, town of Rockport. Have a great weekend!

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