This is the pier at the Topsail Beach North Carolina. It is probably getting hammered by the Sandy at the moment, I hope it survives unharmed after its all gone.

We are in Boston at the moment and will try to get back south by the end of the day, before Sandy makes its landing. I hope USAir does not mess our flights and get us to the final destination on time and without too much hassle. I’ll let you know in the next couple days what happens.

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16 thoughts on “Sandy

  1. Was just under this pier for the (probably) 1000th time a few months ago. Word from Topsail is that the swells are abating, and the fishing is great. Hope you weather the storm.

  2. Be safe! I believe that pier at Topsail has been hammered by quite a few storms. Boston is definitely in the path so take good care and get back down here soon. Let us hear from you! M.

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