Friday Mystery Photo

Travel Photography Windows 8 App

As many of you probably know today Microsoft released new OS – Windows 8 and Windows RT. Over the last few weeks I put in a few hours and figured out how to put together an application for this new OS – I call it “Travel Photography”. So as you find yourself using new OS, look my app in the App Store and give it a spin.

Light House

So I do not remember the name of this Light House and its exact location. I know its overall whereabouts, just not specifics. I’m hoping you smart guys know the name of it and where it is located. After all, I need to update this post with location and proper tags.

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9 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Yeppers. Love the lighthouse and Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park it’s within on the PCH.. Been there recently. 🙂 Such a beautiful area.

  2. Windows 8 is just great for tablets…..but it is a total disaster for desktop PC’s. It is essentially two different operating systems….and you must learn both. Not for me. I’m heading for 7.

    1. well, it actually works perfectly fine on the desktop. if you don’t want to use touch (if your hardware does not support it) then just go straight into the Desktop tile and it will be just like in Windows 7. Put all your frequent apps on the task bar and you’ll rarely know that you are in Windows 8.

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