Bamboo Forest

I haven’t been around many bamboo forest in the past, so when I saw a patch of bamboo growing on the side of the hill at the Biltmore Estate I climbed up there to check it out. With about one hour of sun left in the day, the angle was playing nice and so I took a few photos. This one ended up being the best out of them.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Bamboo Forest

  1. Bamboo is so fascinating when planted in large groups — I remember the haunting noise it made while hiking through it on Maui. I would have never thought to see something like this at the Biltmore! ~ Kat

  2. Dmitri: Thanks for the, “Like,” on my Winter Solitude,” image this morning. This Bamboo Shot is really sharp and neat. I’ve only seen two Bamboo stands…one at the Dallas Arboretum and another in the center of a golf course near Little Rock Arkansas. I was amazed at how much cooler it is in a Bamboo stand when it’s otherwise very hot.

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