Friday Mystery Photo

I know it is not really fair to put photo like this and expect anyone to know where it is. It is practically impossible to know where it could be. Pretty much anywhere in the world. But, who knows, maybe we have some Japanese Maple tree experts here who have visited every place on earth and knows each one of those pretty trees.

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43 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. great photo
    As to where it is – It’s not in the ocean/sea/lake, it’s not in the Antarctic or Arctic, Sahara or any other desert. I’d guess it’s in the Northern Hemisphere. And it definitely is not in my back yard! πŸ˜‰ I think that narrows it down quite well.

  2. These are gorgeous…..I’ve never seen Japanese maples allowed to grow so wild, which
    is why I don’t believe you photographed them in a formal Japanese garden setting.

  3. Ok, I guess it is time to reveal where it is. As some of you observed it is not in any type Japanese garden, it is actually seats kind of on its own between the Biltmore house and the rose gardens, on a corner of a side walk. If you ever been to the Biltmore, you’ll probably know which tree I’m talking about.

    1. it is mystery on that given Friday. usually by Friday afternoon someone identifies its location and by Saturday morning I update post with proper tags.

  4. Hi Dmitrii,

    I noticed you liked one of my blog posts about my published travel photography work recently. Thanks for checking it out. Looks like you’re running a very engaging blog here. Congrats and keep up the good work.



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