Random Wall Mural

Whenever I see some cool murals I try to take photos of them. In this case, we were walking in Istanbul and I saw this mural on one of the side streets, I thought it looked nice and nothing was obstructing the view or put any shadows on it, a few seconds later I had it on the memory card waiting for this day to be processed and presented to the world.

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9 thoughts on “Random Wall Mural

  1. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t see this in Istanbul. That’s a joke, since you know how big the city is and you could live there and never see so much of it! I don’t really remember seeing much tagging or graffiti in Turkey, but like you, I love to photograph it.

  2. Dim, where was that post where you were talking about a nice hike in Blue Ridge, not too far from Winston? With the view 🙂 I can’t find it. Wanted to go there.

    1. Привет, not sure which one I was mentioning, I was trying to find it by looking at posts under Blue Ridge category, but there 30+ of those and I didn’t spot it. Best views are around grandfather mountain, but it is not as close as say some hikes near the stone mountain.

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