Friday Mystery Photo

It looks to be a big city, with some new and old style architecture. If you don’t know the building, I think there are a few other giveaways here to figure out the place. Happy Friday everyone!

Click me

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12 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. That is San Francisco near Chinatown / North Beach.

  2. Jim Cai says:

    Looks like San Francisco. The building near Chinatown.


  3. nice corner, I’m want to say on the East Coast or Europe

  4. Amazing, I’d love to have this on my wall. Can’t believe it’s in SF, I saw some architecture very like this in Belgrade!

  5. vydnic says:

    It looks also a bit like a corner in Dublin

  6. jazzersten says:

    Very beautiful photograph.

  7. The Coppola Building on Kearney.

  8. Nice capture! I would not have guessed San Francisco.

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