Morning gymnastics

As we watched the sunrise over the Mediterranean and as I was taking some photos, older man walked over to the end of the pier and started doing some morning exercises. As soon as I saw his routine I knew that he grew up in Soviet Union. Even so he was Asian looking, my guess Kazakh, he had those specific poses and stretches that were part of any morning exercise in that part of the world.  And of course, his swim trunks is another give away.

Isn’t it interesting how certain cultural traditions will allow us to spot people and identify their origins without ever talking to them.

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6 Responses to Morning gymnastics

  1. tripodtrippin says:

    Another title for this great image could have been ‘Spot The Gymnast’. :-)))

  2. David says:

    A very nice sunrise capture.

  3. Beautiful sunset with the gymnast!

  4. Memo says:

    if there is such thing as a perfect moment in the dictionary, that picture will be the meaning of it

  5. Beautiful! I love the dock.

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