Rain, Rain Go Away

I wonder how would it feel to stand on the top of the observation deck at the Empire State Building during Sandy’s gusty winds. Probably not very pleasant. I took this photo back in February of this year as rain storm was passing through NYC, it rained for the most of that day and cleared right when I was walking by ESB, so I decided to go up and see the city. The wind at the top was blowing so hard, it was not pleasant to be there at all. I had to put a lot of pressure on my camera against the wall to reduce the shake for long exposures in the dark.

Hopefully no big damage was done to NYC, all affected states and all the folks living there and traveling through. Currently in DC, the rain and wind is unreal. I had to go get some food from the grocery and got soaked wet after five minutes being outdoors, with rain going almost horizontal, making umbrella not very useful tool.

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Monday Moring Movie–Green

Biltmore Estate from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

While it is raining and super windy today on the East coast, this video reminds us about sunnier and greener days, only about six month from now. btw, our flights were on time yesterday and we are safe and sound on the solid ground.

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This is the pier at the Topsail Beach North Carolina. It is probably getting hammered by the Sandy at the moment, I hope it survives unharmed after its all gone.

We are in Boston at the moment and will try to get back south by the end of the day, before Sandy makes its landing. I hope USAir does not mess our flights and get us to the final destination on time and without too much hassle. I’ll let you know in the next couple days what happens.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Travel Photography Windows 8 App

As many of you probably know today Microsoft released new OS – Windows 8 and Windows RT. Over the last few weeks I put in a few hours and figured out how to put together an application for this new OS – I call it “Travel Photography”. So as you find yourself using new OS, look my app in the App Store and give it a spin.

Light House

So I do not remember the name of this Light House and its exact location. I know its overall whereabouts, just not specifics. I’m hoping you smart guys know the name of it and where it is located. After all, I need to update this post with location and proper tags.

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Monday Morning Movie–Sunrise

Mediterranean Sunrise from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

This summer we spent a few days at the Renaissance resort near Antalya Turkey. I managed to get up couple mornings very early and go see the sunrise. The video above is a compilation of a few photos, attempt at the timelapse (which didn’t work out as good for my liking) and some normal video. As always with my videos, I’ll be sharing the high resolution stills that you saw in the video. If you like it, you can click on it and download it to your computer.

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