In Sonoma

The colors might trick you to think that it was taken some time in late summer or Fall, after all, it is a bit yellow. But don’t be tricked, it was actually taken at the end of March in Sonoma Valley, between Sonoma  and Petaluma. We were driving back from Sonoma to our hotel in Petaluma when I saw this barn up the hill. I quickly pulled to the side, jumped out and went on taking a few shots.

Click me!!!

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6 Responses to In Sonoma

  1. Fell like lying on the grass and looking at the sky.
    Nice shot ….!!!!

  2. tripodtrippin says:

    Wonderful! There’s no mistaking where the focus lies with this shot. Love it!

  3. Love this shot! So calm and fresh!

  4. I visited this area for the first time last year–you captured it well!

  5. Memo says:

    you know i will pay anything to live there in the open world away from the city

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