Friday Mystery Photo

If it was not for my wife, I would not come to this place. She wanted to check it out and see if their book store sells some type of special book she was looking for. But I think if it was not for me, we would actually not got on the grounds of this place, at least that is what I’m telling myself, she might have a different opinion. I’ll find it soon, after it is go live and she reads it. Anyway, to get on the grounds you have to go through the front office where all the souvenirs, books and other stuff get sold. There you have to buy tickets to enter the grounds. To our dismay we learned that tickets were somewhere in $10 range (maybe a bit less), a bit pricy for our taste. So we didn’t go in. Instead we went back out and I decided to take some photos from the outside the wall. Twenty or so minutes later we were walking back to the front of it and saw that they opened main gates to the grounds and people were going in and out. I don’t recall any signs prohibiting entry onto the grounds so we slowly made our way into it, acting like we belong. The grounds are beautiful and the church is pretty cool too. I’m glad my wife have great suggestions on the places we should visit.

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12 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Carmel Mission? If not, it still makes me miss my native state. Beautiful.

  2. what a lovely garden and i love the colour of the buildings against it

  3. jkgphotos says:

    This is really beautiful!

  4. lrntn says:

    I’m sure it’s not … but looks like Santa Barbara.

  5. San Luis Obispo? Beautiful imagery.

  6. Shutterbug Sage says:

    Looks like a mission in CA.

  7. Maggie says:

    You have a very good wife!

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