In Love

They do so, don’t you think?

If you ever been to San Francisco and walked around Fisherman Warf then you’ll probably recognize this sculpture. Normally you’ll see loads and loads of people around it, fortunately I managed to get up really early that day, scroll around the Warf and take some photos. I liked this composition and decided to snap it. Enjoy!

Click me!

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14 Responses to In Love

  1. Luke Casey says:

    Very nice composition. Works great with the flowers in the foreground and their posture is very suggestive.

  2. jkgphotos says:

    For some reason I have trouble logging in to comment or “like” your photos, so if this does go through I just want you to know I LOVE your photography even if you don’t see me remark.

  3. Jim Cai says:

    Been there many time but never looking from your point of view. Thanks for sharing.

    Jim Cai

  4. Amy says:

    I like the composition,too. Beautiful shot!

  5. samacwns says:

    Awww, they’re cute! It’s a great shot, I like how you focused more on the flowers than on the sculpture.

  6. This sculpture is called Guardians of the Gate, and was made by Miles Metzger. Is it OK with you if I link your blog to High Hand Gallery’s blog ( Miles shows his work there; I’m the gallery’s blogger.

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  8. Dmitrii says:

    Reblogged this on Travel Photography by Dmitrii Lezine and commented:

    It is Valentines Day, so I’m reposting my own post from five month ago, I think it is a good fit for today.

  9. Gracie says:

    Very nice composition! And what an interesting subject! Happy Valentine’s Day to you 🙂

  10. Sheila says:

    Perfect shot for V-Day! Love the flowers! ~ Sheila

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