Friday Mystery Photo

Hi everyone, I think this one is going to be super easy for ya. If you visited here often then you’ll more likely recognize this place. Even if you are first time comer, you might know it too. I took this photo back in April of this year and I hope to make there again some time during Fall season, maybe in the next 2-3 weeks and see how it looks in yellow, orange and red.

Friday 9-21-12-small

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22 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Looks like Beauty & the Beast’s castle

  2. Jim says:

    Looks like the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA to me. Or something at Disneyland….

  3. Madoqua says:

    It’s lovely wherever it is!

  4. Anita S says:

    I haven’t done much traveling, so I can’t identify it. But it’s a beautiful picture! I love irises.

  5. Kamstra Vision Photography says:

    I have no clue where it was taken, but I really like this photo. Very nice composition 🙂

  6. dan4kent says:

    Dimitrii — Haven’t commented much, but fear not. I’ve come to depend on your eye/lens to sharpen my own focus. Soldier on. I like having your postings as a habit. Dan

  7. Jane Lurie says:

    The Biltmore? I know you were there at one point:) nice image!

  8. Beautiful image! I’m so going there!

  9. arlingwoman says:

    Great pic! Biltmore! I’d love to go back. Take the rooftop tour!

  10. simon7banks says:

    No idea what Biltmore is. I thought it might be a guest house in Bournemouth.

  11. wardentee says:

    I knew it was the Biltmore and you will love painted in autumn colors

  12. neve16 says:

    What a beautiful garden and castle.

  13. Iamrcc says:

    Thank you for visiting and liking my post “Yellow Moon”.

  14. Beautiful photo especially the iris!

  15. Love the iris! Great view of Biltmore as well!

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