In Sonoma

The colors might trick you to think that it was taken some time in late summer or Fall, after all, it is a bit yellow. But don’t be tricked, it was actually taken at the end of March in Sonoma Valley, between Sonoma  and Petaluma. We were driving back from Sonoma to our hotel in Petaluma when I saw this barn up the hill. I quickly pulled to the side, jumped out and went on taking a few shots.

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Friday Mystery Photo

If it was not for my wife, I would not come to this place. She wanted to check it out and see if their book store sells some type of special book she was looking for. But I think if it was not for me, we would actually not got on the grounds of this place, at least that is what I’m telling myself, she might have a different opinion. I’ll find it soon, after it is go live and she reads it. Anyway, to get on the grounds you have to go through the front office where all the souvenirs, books and other stuff get sold. There you have to buy tickets to enter the grounds. To our dismay we learned that tickets were somewhere in $10 range (maybe a bit less), a bit pricy for our taste. So we didn’t go in. Instead we went back out and I decided to take some photos from the outside the wall. Twenty or so minutes later we were walking back to the front of it and saw that they opened main gates to the grounds and people were going in and out. I don’t recall any signs prohibiting entry onto the grounds so we slowly made our way into it, acting like we belong. The grounds are beautiful and the church is pretty cool too. I’m glad my wife have great suggestions on the places we should visit.

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In Love

They do so, don’t you think?

If you ever been to San Francisco and walked around Fisherman Warf then you’ll probably recognize this sculpture. Normally you’ll see loads and loads of people around it, fortunately I managed to get up really early that day, scroll around the Warf and take some photos. I liked this composition and decided to snap it. Enjoy!

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Monday Morning Movie–Biltmore

Biltmore Estate from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

This is the still you see at the 44 second time spot. As you might notice, it is covering wider angle from low to high. The video is shot at wide screen format and it cuts the bottom and the top of the photo. This one is so much better when seen in its original form, with the balcony and the entire puffy cloud in the frame.

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Olympos River

Tell you the truth, I have no idea what this river is actually called, I tried to zoom in to it on the map but it didn’t even show it, so I just called it Olympos River, because it is going straight through the Olympos ruins in Cirali Turkey. This is the same place as my prior couple posts, Crystal Waters of Mediterranean and the Roman Ruins.

This summer we vacationed in Turkey at the Renaissance Resort near Antalya. I rented a car at the Antalya airport and had flexibility to move around, not like the rest of the guests at that resort (about this in one of my future posts). One day we decided to drive south-west and see the Roman ruins in Olympos, it was about 90 minute easy drive from the resort. I think we had to pay about $2 to get into the ruins area and additional couple bucks to park, not expensive. As you drive to the ruins entrance you’ll pass many budget hostels and a lot of interesting looking restaurants. There are a lot of resorts for budget travelers around there, I think a lot of young (college young, hehe, I’m starting to feel my 40+ age) Europeans are flocking down there for some good time and beautiful beaches. Cool place to visit, that is for sure.