Friday Mystery Photo

Ahh, last day of August… summer is getting to its end… hopefully the heat will be disappearing soon as well.

As for my Friday Mystery photo, here is one… this place is very old, as you obviously see, but it is older than it is even looks. Where is it?

Click me!

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17 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Scritch says:

    italy? looks like roman mosaic

  2. “hopefully the heat will be disappearing soon” … can speak for yourself. Here in the U.K. summer the summer has been the wettest for 100 years, the odd sunny break which by surprise then gave us a day or two at record high temperatures. So we are in no need of a break from the heat but a break from the rain. Here’s hoping that we get a resonable autumn! Great shot again but no ideas at all as to where.

  3. Derek K says:

    I would guess Crete

  4. Definitely somewhere in Greece or perhaps Cyprus, but struggling to be more specific than that.

  5. Anita S says:

    I think it’s a Roman road or aqueduct, in southern France or Italy. Wild guess — I’m curious to know what it really is!

  6. BlackLIghtRobot says:

    My guess is Pompeii

  7. The Celts are around ;))..Greece, England or Ireland. By the way !! How amazing place to be..Congrants !!

  8. annandmeg says:

    I don’t recall ever visiting or seeing an image of a place that give me a basis for a guess. I sure would love to see the spot.. Really want to know where it is located

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  10. I just nominated you for “One Lovely Blog”. Check it on my latest post!

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  12. janjoy52 says:

    I can just sit in this picture for hours! Love the shadows and artistry of the gound tiles. I am not a world traveler so I can’t begin to guess where you got this great shot. Thanks for the suspense!

  13. Is it the old fort in St. Augustine, Florida????

  14. Is this the old fort in St. Augustine, Florida????

  15. ArtyAnge says:

    it is definitely roman, if not italy, anywhere where the romans went. the arches are odd, slightly apexed for bazantine. kill the suspense!

  16. Would I be cheating if I said Olympos..

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