Random Wall Mural

Wall murals are cool. I try to take picture of them when I see one. Asheville has a lot of random murals around its downtown area, on my occasional visits I already took a few of them. I think this is the second one I get around to sharing with you. As I was processing it, I was looking at it and tried to figure out what kind of war it is and decided that it must be from the early 19th century, some type of Napoleon Bonaparte war fare.  What do you think?

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12 thoughts on “Random Wall Mural

  1. Sure looks like it. Have you seen the murals in Belfast and Derry, NI? Some are very provocative. In the interest of on-going peace process, some are even being whitewashed and covered. I’m glad they’ve been photographed for posterity.

  2. This mural is amazing. I think this ‘public wall art’ is great for a few reasons. People use it to send messages, some happy, some not so happy. The artists are often very talented and the results are fantastic – as in the picture above. I think the good ones should be treasured!

  3. Asheville North Carolina? I would guess the American revolutionary war. Ouch — bayonet right to the eye… That is surprising — I didn’t think anyone would still be so angry at the British after 236 years…

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