Point Reyes Light House

When I arrived at the Point Reyes, I was hoping to get down to the Light House and take some close up photos of it with the ocean in the background. The wind was at hurricane force (is it right term for Pacific?, maybe storm force? hmmm) and access to the Light House was closed. So I had to stay at the top and take some shots from there. I had to put my body weight on the tripod and position my self to block the wind from the camera to keep it stable.


24 thoughts on “Point Reyes Light House

  1. Dear Silly Monkey, is there anything you can’t capture brilliantly? How the heck do you always manage to get your self in the highest or most obscured places to photograph? helicopter? 😉

    1. Thanks! 😉 this is just an observation deck at the top of the cliff, nothing special really. I imagine my self being brave and getting in some unique situations, but truth is that it is all common touristy places… maybe not during common touristy times…

  2. Btw, if you look at the first photo I published from this location (look under California/Point Meyers category), you’ll see how it looked down the coast to the north, to the right of this photo. It was very cool view.

  3. Beautiful composition, Dmitrii…kind of sneaks up on you. Love it and love this spot. I hit a completely fogged in day when I drove there this summer and last time was gale force winds! Exciting place!

  4. Keeping a camera steady during a good storm (hand held or on tripod) is undoubtedly a major challenge. It still surprises me each time the camera comes to life and starts trying to escape from me or move about. The resulting photography may well be worth whatever it takes, like this beautiful image with its color and drama.

  5. I love this shot. The sense of being alone is fabulous! You have a terrific eye. For the past 20 minutes I have been wandering through your Blog and loving it. Thanks for your talent.

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