I’d like to take the same photo sometime during the summer. Not sure when I’ll be able to make my way to NYC in summer, with longer days and when sun setting behind those sky scrapers, at least I assume it is setting behind Manhattan. In February, when I took this photo, the sun was going down to the left of this view and didn’t make a cool sunset from this angle.

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37 thoughts on “Manhattan

  1. Beautiful! I recommend you check out the Sun Seeker app, which allows you to look at the exact position of the sun for any date, any place, any time. Great for scouting locations 🙂 (no i’m not affiliated w/ it, I just use it a lot)

    1. thanks for recommendation, but I don’t see it on Windows Phone marketplace…annoying… Maybe I should learn how to develop apps and just write my own…

      1. The sun coould give a very different feel..higher more to the centre and warmer….and if you got one of those magic evenings with dramatic sky…well that is hopeing for just too much!

  2. I was in Manhattan in late July, and we took the bridge over to Brooklyn to get a shot like this. Unfortunately, their summers are so humid and muggy that the photos came out more hazy than anything. This is a great shot!

  3. I love coming back to your blog. Always such fantastic images with great colours and fantastic background – and sometimes quirky – information.

  4. Love the photo. I’m assuming this was from Brooklyn? Was this near the bridge? I’d love to get some photos of my own from here. Thanks!

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