Monday Morning Movie

Sunset in the Smokies

Short post today. Almost didn’t make. Too much was going last night, but had a few extra minutes this morning. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

Sunset In the Smokies from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

this is the photo you see at 20 second time spot. as always it is better viewed in large resolution from my photo gallery, just click on it.

Click me

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10 Responses to Monday Morning Movie

  1. gaffelioyet says:

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Have to say I love your pictures! Can’t wait to try catch similar scenery with my small, but cute compact camera. Inspiring stuff, glad I found this page to follow! K

  2. Ashok Mani says:

    very nice… love the details…

  3. Tom Arrison says:

    Reblogged this on Okonomibloggy and commented:
    Dimitri Lezine blogs a nice video on his Travel Photography blogs: Sunset In the Smokies

  4. iangoldsmith says:

    Wow! Your photography is gorgeous! I was going to like one of the first post, but having looked through the rest I’d be liking them all! The composition, detail, colour, everything! Beautiful. Thanks for liking my post, if you hadn’t I’d never have seen your work.

  5. Kiersten says:

    Great site you have here! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

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