Fresh Fish for Dinner

Last month, we spent four days in Istanbul before going to Kazakhstan. Four days is really a teaser for Istanbul, to really experience this city you should spend here at least three, four weeks. Next time I should plan a longer visit and  not rush through it.  I think this day was a first day of Ramadan. There were huge tents setup not far from where I took this photo, and the start of Ramadan or the permission to start eating food was announced by shooting canons, which took us totally by surprise. As soon as sun cleared the horizon, the canon started shooting and mosques started broadcasting their prayers. The boat in this photo is a floating kitchen, they were grilling fish full steam, with smoke coming in each direction and orders coming back to the bank, feeding hungry Turkish, after a day of fasting.

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21 thoughts on “Fresh Fish for Dinner

    1. I didn’t mention in the post that this boat was rocking in the water to the left and right, super unstable, but those cooks have no issues with it, they learned how to cook and keep themselves on their two legs

  1. My husband is a pilot and travels the world, but rarely takes a photo. Truthfully, he sometimes only sees the hotel and a restaurant near the hotel! so I so enjoy your photo blog, as I am able to see parts of the world through you…..and Kazakhstan means food poisoning at our house!!!!

    1. Yes, Kazakhstan sometimes can have that effect. Not on this trip though, we were ok. Back in 2005 was a different story…haha, actually not funny, as my daughter hated her life for good 4-5 days. This time I got sick on the last day in Istanbul

  2. Lovely picture, and memory lane as I’ve been to Istanbul but a very long time ago.

    Can’t resist commenting that the Turkish state is tolerant in matters of religion and I’m sure they don’t mark the end of fasting by shooting canons (officers of a Christian church).

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