Monday Morning Movie

Olympics are Over

Too bad, there was something to watch on TV. Last two weeks were great. I’m typing it as Closing Ceremonies are rolling on NBC. So far looks like a good show. I know my daughter was excited about getting one minute glimpse at teen group “One Direction”, and now it is one hour England music “symphony” show.

Four years to Rio. Can’t wait.

Swinging Bridge

If look closely at this video, right around 54-55 second time spot the Manhattan Bridge is a bit swinging, up and down. Pretty cool. Next time I’m in NYC I might try to get a little longer time lapse of the bridge and see if we get more of these swings.

Evening in NYC from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

And this photo you see right before the time lapse with the swinging bridge. If you click on it you will see a much higher resolution image, which you can save to your desktop and use as a wall paper. This applies to all of my images. Just click on it, and then save it to your local drive. So easy.

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  1. Love this, and your other work! I’m not too far from NYC; do you need special access to shoot this view?

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