Friday Mystery Photo

Yay, Friday is here, weekend is near. Olympics are almost over, that is a bit sad. It was entertaining.

I was looking around on my hard drive, trying to find something for this Friday and decided to go with this one. So fellow travelers, or photography detectives, where is this place?

Click me!

22 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. definitely an airport, but I don’t think it’s Frankfurt although it’s a few years since I was last there. This sort of vehemance probably means its a bus or train terminal though.

  2. Okedokey, some good guesses there, and figuring it out that it is an airport. But, not the one mentioned. This is the new train system that they added to the Dulles International (IAD) airport near DC. I think they finished it sometime last year or year before. I actually rarely fly through IAD, it is too big for my licking. This time we were flying international and IAD is a good one for that. I took this photo handheld. Photomatix does a good job with merging photos.

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