Blue Sunrise

After witnessing one of the sunrises on the Mediterranean we were walking back to our hotel and decided to check how main pool looks at this early hour. I liked what I saw. Pretty much every guest is still sleeping at this early hour and this pool looked so nice and peaceful, with sun sneaking out, indicating a hot day ahead. In a few hours it will be packed with adults and kids, swimming, drinking at that bar and who knows what else doing in this pool, hehe. We spent our time at the beach, swimming in nice Mediterranean sea.


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17 Responses to Blue Sunrise

  1. I so enjoy viewing your beautiful photographs. I recently added a list of my favorite travel sites to my blog ( and you’re on it! Thanks for sharing your work!

  2. Mondrak says:

    Phantastic photo

  3. Madoqua says:

    Love the ‘blue’ reflections. Superb photo!

  4. Honie Briggs says:

    What a great moment. Capturing sunlight through trees is one of my favorites.

  5. I love how the water appears like a thin sheet of glass that beautifully reflects everything above it. Gorgeous photo.

  6. Jim Cai says:

    Great capture. I don’t get to see sunrise in blue. Thanks for sharing.


  7. disperser says:

    Hmmm . . . I’m pretty sure people are doing “who knows what else” in the sea as well. Not to mention a slew of critters.

    Very nice capture, though.

    • Dmitrii says:

      Yeah, but open sea with a few people swimming here and there is quite different than an enclosed pool with hundred plus in it. If I have choice I will choose the se

      • disperser says:

        I assume you have a choice . . . or is the pool mandatory?

        Just kidding, and I’d choose the sea as well . . . I was just commenting on the sea not being any “cleaner” and likely much worse than a pool.

      • Dmitrii says:

        Sure, I have no idea how chemically clean Mediterranean sea is, it looked cleaner than anything else I ever seen. At the same time I’ve seen pools with little kids that are hmm had issues…

  8. Truels says:

    What a lovely and quiet morning – i love the conrast in colors between the warm sunlight and the blue colors…

  9. rwinterpacht says:

    Your pictures are really awesome, and thank you for liking a few of mine. I just started with HDR and the results are great. I’d like to fine-tune them of course, to make some stunning pictures like yours. Have fun in the Mediterranean!

  10. Elena says:

    this is so beautiful!

  11. sheilarosebelmonte says:

    I long to swim in that pool. 🙂

  12. aquacompass7 says:

    Contrast of the light of blue and a sunrise is very good.

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