On Fire

Biltmore Estate, another one. I should go back there for more sunsets, for sure will visit in October/November with all the colors changing. Such a nice place to visit.

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22 Responses to On Fire

  1. ¡Impresionante!, preciosa toma!!

  2. wildlife4me says:

    How beautiful! This looks like a painting, awesome

  3. jkgphotos says:

    Beautiful place, beautiful setting, beautiful photo!

  4. gacochran says:

    Beautiful! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Biltmore. Your photo is a great incentive to stop by again. Thanks!

  5. John says:

    I’ve seen this someplace before, here I suppose? What a fine place!

  6. Gorgeous! You’ve made it look like a fairytale castle.

  7. What an amazing estate house. Your photo looks as if from a dream. Great snap. Cheers.

  8. Honie Briggs says:

    The Biltmore is one of my favorite places. We visited the estate several times when we lived in NC. Each time was more magnificent than the last as I imagined what is was like for the young bride the first time she arrived. How overwhelmed she must have been by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as the tremendous responsibility. Your photo captures its grandure perfectly.

  9. Roxie says:

    excellent place, another wonderful mountain shoot is the Grove Park Inn, just north of the city…when you’re there for your fall shoot, head over to the GPI, it is breathtaking, outside and in…

  10. fotograffer says:

    Great image. Used to live nearby. You surely captured its essence.

  11. Stunning image! I’m putting it on my bucket list of places to visit!

  12. In ah everytime I see photo of that place–yours is stunning.

  13. zelmare says:

    Wow! Looks like a castle somewhere in Europe.

  14. larkycanuck says:

    i really liked this photo

  15. I love the Biltmore and Asheville. I only have the obligatory shot of my family standing in front of it. Was quite tempted to send it out with the tagline – “We Have a New Address”. Great photo!

  16. kleeyaro says:

    How long did it take you to get that photo? Did you have to go back there for several days? It is quite extraordinary.

    • Dmitrii says:

      Hi, thanks! No, it was my first visit to it when I took this photo. We were there right before the sunset and it happen to be cloudy, which is always nice for photography

  17. jjotter says:

    Gorgeous. I love it.

  18. samacwns says:

    Love your pictures of this place! Makes me want to see it in person!

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