Sunrise in Seattle

Blogging While on Vacation

The prior two weeks I was on vacation visiting my parents in Kazakhstan. Prior to the trip I was planning to continue publishing photos on the normal schedule, but while traveling, especially on vacation, that is very hard to do. Too many other things going on and posting photos is really goes far away from priorities. Now, back in good, comfortable USA, I’ll try to get into the routine…hehe, maybe.

Space Needle

This place does not need special introductions. I took this photo in late January, right before the sunrise.


27 thoughts on “Sunrise in Seattle

  1. Same here… I took 2 weeks off and just resumed my daily posts 2 days ago… feels like a burden now!!
    It was nice to get a break from the routine… hope you enjoyed your time off 🙂

  2. thanks all. I’m finally back home after four weeks absence… week at work, two weeks vacation, and this week work… made it home…hehe, long July it was

  3. Privyet! Beautiful photo, as always. I was surprised to see your folks live in KZ. My son was a Peace Corps volunteer there in 2002-2004. He started out in Almaty for a few months to learn Russian and then was in Kyzylorda for the rest of his service. He enjoyed the experience, but not the weather!

    1. yep, Almaty is where I grew up… the weather is very continental there, temperature swings can go 15-20C from day to night, but it is very dry, so heat is not as bad as in humid conditions

  4. HI Your photos are really beautiful – i really love seattle so i zoomed into seattle pictures and they are gorgeous. I will take time to go thru all your posts!

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