Friday Mystery Photo

Ahh, last day of August… summer is getting to its end… hopefully the heat will be disappearing soon as well.

As for my Friday Mystery photo, here is one… this place is very old, as you obviously see, but it is older than it is even looks. Where is it?

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St Augustine Sunrise

It was a nice and warm morning in Northern Florida at the end of December and we even had a few minutes of nice sunrise. 

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Monday Morning Movie

Back in May we went for a short two mile hike at the Graveyard Field trail by the Blue Ridge parkway. We brought in some lunch with us and spent an hour or so seating by the falls enjoying the outdoors and watching other hikers go by. I setup my camera for some short time lapses… here is the final result. As always with my videos, I’ll publish each still photo over the next few months, one Monday at a time.

Graveyards Field Water Falls from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

There are two water falls, the lower and the upper. All of the time lapses are done at the upper falls. The lower falls are shown in the opening and closing frames of the video, and here it is in HDR:

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Random Wall Mural

Wall murals are cool. I try to take picture of them when I see one. Asheville has a lot of random murals around its downtown area, on my occasional visits I already took a few of them. I think this is the second one I get around to sharing with you. As I was processing it, I was looking at it and tried to figure out what kind of war it is and decided that it must be from the early 19th century, some type of Napoleon Bonaparte war fare.  What do you think?

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Vacation Destination–Antalya

Although we spent only half a day in Antalya itself, it is the place I’d like to visit again. I mean, judge it for yourself, pretty awesome if you ask me. After taking this photo we made our way to a restaurant that seats on the cliff right above the beach. I must say that I enjoyed the view down below while sipping some beer and eating shishkabubs.

I did very little post processing to this photo. On a beautiful day, at a beautiful place like this no post processing is required. Pretty much straight out from the camera for your viewing pleasure. And if you want to see it in high resolution all you need to do is click on it.

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