Friday Mystery Photo

Any mention about this place would give it away, so I’m not going to say a word about it. I’m still on my little road trip with somewhat limited access to the web, so my responses as my posts this week are somewhat limited and delayed. Good upcoming weekend to everyone!

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22 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

    1. I think you are right and I was wrong. The Blue Mosque is much better preserved and has more natural light, here we can see the chipped paintings of the walls and the chandeliers are specific to Hagia Sophia.

      1. Although the Blue Mosque is better preserved I prefer Hagia Sophia, I loved the atmosphere in it and the fact that you can see the history of Istanbul through its walls… 🙂

    1. If this is Hagia Sofia, then I’m sad. My ‘wonderful’ must be qualified – your photo is very fine, but the subject matter evokes such grief. If you wish not to publish my comments, that is fine. I appreciate you’re liking my post, and like your photo as an image only.

  1. Great photo,very stunning and rich in color and detail. As for the mystery spot, I say it is Hagia Sophia. Would be a wonderful place to visit. And thank you for taking a peek on my end.

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