Friday Mystery Photo

Good morning everyone. Its been a hectic week, not many photos, but I don’t want to miss the Friday photo. I hope you know what it is and where it is. Have a great upcoming weekend.

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24 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Istanbul, the sunken palace or Yerebatan Sarnıcı – Sunken Cistern. Actually it’s only a water cistern built by the Otomans with stones and columns taken from the countries they conquered. It’s right in the middle of Istanbul ( the old part) and a scene from James Bond was filmed here.

    1. Yes, it’s Yerebatan / Basilica Cistern, built before Ottomans in 542 AD. It’s “only a cistern” like you said, not built to be seen, but it’s beautiful and unique.

  2. I hope it’s water and not a shiny hallway. If it’s a hallway I wouldn’t be able to walk on it without falling down trying to find the floor through all the reflections. Dizzying!

  3. I’ve been there! It’s so beautiful. My daughter loved it. She thought we were on an adventure especially when we found the heads of goddess statues in the back corner.

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