Everything Needs Water

I think this was our first or second day in Beijing, we were walking from our hotel towards the Tian An Men square, already hot and sweaty. I had my camera on and was taking some random photos of everything around me. I saw this guy and another random shot was taken. The white sky you see is pretty normal for BeiJing, during our 4 days we didn’t see blue skies, not even once, it was cloaked with this white all absorbing air, keeping the heat and making everyone pretty miserable.

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6 thoughts on “Everything Needs Water

  1. Lovely capture. I remember the constant fog almost everywhere we went. We did see some blue sky in Shanghai towards the end.

  2. I used to visit my parent in Beijing every year. And yes, the sky and the air are not favorable. The white sky is not fog. It formed by very tiny dust and stay in the air. The dust is from desert and manufacture pollution. If it is a windy day, you may find blue sky. I guess the temperature in Beijing is reach to 37C now. Try to take a bus at rush hour, live like a real Beijinger. Enjoy the crowd.:)

  3. Dear Dimitri, you have taken many beautiful photos from abroad. Why don’t you visit Malaysia sometime to capture some breathtaking photos about Malaysia and put in your blog. We Malaysian would be glad if you do so..Thank you..

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