Monday Evening Movie

Today we are going back to NYC time lapse movie. Immediately followed by one of the high resolution photos from that day.

Evening in NYC from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

This is from 23 second time spot on the video. Sun is gone, but it left some glow for us to enjoy.

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9 thoughts on “Monday Evening Movie

  1. I love all of the movie. The city, it’s life and the music. I may be of the older generation but my son used to play this sort of music a lot and I grew to really like it. All in all, a wonderful and well executed combination. Thank you for posting it’s set me up for the day.

  2. your photography is truly amazing. with each image i see my breath is taken away. i will visit your blog as often as possible to see what new photographs you have on presentation. thank you. jen

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