Small Waterfalls

Yesterday afternoon after I finished with my work we decided to escape the heat and go for a short (only five miles, mind you) hike in the mountains, the Boone Fork Trail. We were hoping to get some berries, they are usually get ripe in the middle to end of July, but with this Spring and Summer being so hot we thought that maybe they will be ready couple weeks earlier. They were not. Maybe another week. As I mentioned Boone Fork Trail is a five miles loop, it goes through some rolling hills and season pastures, which are full with berries and then it gets into the forestry area and goes along a small creek, which turns into much bigger mountain creek, almost like a small river. Along the way I saw this little waterfall, we decided to take a small break and take a photo of it. btw, it looks better in high resolution, just click on it.

Click me!

And here a few other random photos from this hike…




26 thoughts on “Small Waterfalls

  1. you put the song “Don’t go chasing waterfalls (stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to)” in my head. Now I can’t stop singing it!

  2. It’s amazing how such insignificant things like that step with the mossy stuff can make a beautiful photo. And of course the falls photo is lovely with all the mossy detail.

  3. Amazing to have rhododendrons still blooming! What a truly lovely hike…..
    thanks for taking us along with you, Dmitrii.

    1. I like beach as well, it just we can’t get there as easy as to the mountains. I’d be very nice to jump into the ocean right now…

  4. Beautiful! The waterfalls photo is so cool and refreshing – as we’re sweltering in 100 degree temps! Thank you for the visual breeze!

  5. Gorgeous photos. I love the hi res waterfall….just awesome! It’s been so hot here, I’d really like to step into that photo! 😉

  6. Beautiful pictures. I love the silky, whispy look to the water in the waterfall. I also love the picture of the step (at lease I think it is a step). Something that everybody would walk over and probably pay very little attention to. However, you have managed to capture a beautiful photo by looking at something ordinary from a different viewpoint. As always, great work.

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