Georgetown Skyline

Last week my daughter went on a tour at Georgetown University. She enjoyed the tour and she said that it would be nice to go there. I think she will probably apply to it when time comes to apply to different schools. It is a good school.

It looks nice as well. I took this photo last year from the Key Bridge.


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25 Responses to Georgetown Skyline

  1. I see it is another D90 images… it as I suggested that the D800 is just a little heavy to hump about when playing tourist? Love the skyline.

    • Dmitrii says:

      D800 is my primary camera now, I just didn’t go anywhere in the last month, busy with work, so no new photos from it.

      • My main cameras are still D700’s but I admit to carrying the D90 when so called traveling light! I first bought it as back up for the D300 which at the time was (and still is) a great camera but when the 90 was launched it had pretty well all the attributes of the 300 and soon became a favourite. But like most of us we chase the upgrades.

  2. Ankur Sharma says:

    I hope it so much that she gets into this school, and follows in her father’s footsteps of showing amazing pictures everyday!

  3. John says:

    Nice architecture, never seen this before.

  4. John says:

    DC is a wonderful City in which to go to school. I had the time of my life there. Wonderful Shot. Hope it wasn’t Rush Hour when you snapped this one. Excellent Vice.

  5. Ming says:

    Beautiful shot and nice processing.

  6. Great shot and the sky looks great. I didn’t make it over to Georgetown when there last month but maybe next time I’ll have to.

  7. I like what you have done with this photo!

  8. svenddottir says:

    lovely sky, and great contrast with the edges of the building!

  9. This is an absolutely sublime photograph. The sky is such a majestic backdrop for this castle/cathedral-like university

  10. What a gorgeous shot

  11. Inge says:

    You have definitely proved it! 🙂

  12. Stunning photo and campus!

  13. dmccarhty says:

    A wonderful sky, such amazing colours.

  14. crazyloststar says:

    Gorgeous colors captured here!

  15. neverphoto says:

    Georgetown is best viewed just across the Key Bridge from the Marriott Hotel in Alexandria, VA. It’s an incredible view, and if you ask nicely, they let you choose your room. From about the 16th floor up facing north it’s perfect.

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