hot, Hot, Hot

Ohh man, we have another heat wave on the East coast. Yesterday my car was showing 107F,  and it is right around there, the official temperatures somewhere around 103-105F, so hot. Most of the flowers in my garden started to die, I had to do some heavy duty prolonged watering all around the house.

As you might guess, to fight the heat, I have a fairly cool, I mean, showing cool and cold environment, photo.  This is another one taken on the Mt Hood, nice cool sunset. Enjoy and have a great Sunday!

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14 thoughts on “hot, Hot, Hot

  1. And in Portland we are not exactly boiling from the heat. It has been unseasonably colder than normal. I guess if I had to choose, I would prefer our temperatures, to those experienced by you. Mt. Hood still has plenty of snow by the way.

  2. Great image…..and if it helps you to ‘keep your cool’ all the better. Our problem over here in the U.K. are record levels of rainfall…..but that is after several months of unseasonal drought

  3. It is nice to see something cool. Ungodly heat here on the Coast of NC. 104 Friday, Upwards of 105 yesterday. Perhaps 100 today. The heat is one thing but the humidity is right around 75-80 % which only adds to the misery. Stay Cool my friend.

  4. Yes indeed! Upper eighties, low nineties in Michigan all this coming week. A scorching summer so far. A polar opposite of the image.

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