Coming Home

I think this tanker was coming home, empty to get more oil. Or maybe it is not a tanker at all but freight ship coming back to get loaded with containers. Not really sure, I’m not an expert on it. It is interesting how it was accompanied by that tiny boat. They went through in a matter of couple minutes, maybe even faster as I was only able to take a few shots at it.

This was our first morning in San Francisco, we went to see sunrise and the first thing I saw is this boat coming back from the sea. Pretty cool.

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23 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Nice shot. The little boat is a tug, there will be another one on the other side. I live right outside a port in the UK and I see them all the time. The tugs are to guide the big ships through ports and “built up areas”

  2. The contrasting colours are charming. Btw – did you use a tripod for this one? Looks like there’s a tiny bit of a blur on the cables – could that have been because they actually moved (due to wind or something) while you were taking the photo? Maybe I’m just seeing things cause I can’t imagine those cables moving *that* easily.
    Thanks for encouraging my photography 🙂

  3. That a great location, too. You used the cloud cover well, to contrast the ocean. If this is your first visit to the city drive to those towers way off on the horizon (Twin Towers) – there’s a great overlook you can see the whole city and bay from. Have a great visit!

  4. Just ever as nice as I have come to expect from your site. Thanks also for liking my post this evening. I’m really getting into HDR and finding it very, very useful … and I have you to thank. D

  5. When I was little we used to watch the freighters come up the Great Lakes and we would also know if they were coming or going by how high they were in the water. Thanks for bringing back that memory.

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