Friday Mystery Photo

Ads No Go

So I tried to enable WordAds last night and guess what, they completely messed up the site layout. Sounds like wordpress only wants to display it on vanilla out of the box sites without any customizations and without actually confirming with site owners where it would be ok to show them. I had to turn it off immediately. Unless they provide more flexibility on display options this blog will remain advertisement free.

Eye to Eye

I was walking along a path looking at all kind of interesting things around me, taking photos. This one cut my eye, hehe, get it? so I had to take a photo of it. The weird thing about eyes, with nothing else around it, if I stare at it and concentrate on different details, look at different angles, it kind of freaks me out. I get some type of visual illusions going on. Try and stare at it, you might see what I mean. Best works if you open it big. Just click on it.

So the mystery part, this one is probably tough one. First, where was this shown, and second, do you know who is the artist? By the way, it is the artists eye staring at you.

Click me!


Here is the answer to the mystery. Thanks for stopping by guys. Have a great weekend.


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11 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. No idea where or who created this ‘eye’….but what an interesting shot and of course the original concept of a darkroom dish and a print. I can only guess at the size of the image as there is no scale to compare….but that is probably what gives your image that edge.

  2. can’t even begin to guess but your image works really well

  3. love this…is it you?

  4. That would make you look twice if you were walking by.

  5. mhdriver says:

    It looks like the eyes have it. Are you wearing contacts. haha

  6. I have no idea, it is a mystery! I like it though. Thanks also for blogging about your experiment with ads.

  7. James Shannon says:

    Hard photo to guess, but in response to the revenue experiment with ads, ever thought about adding a donation tab where people can pledge support for your site?

  8. Dmitrii says:

    looks like it was a difficult one. see the update with the answer…

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