Skyscrapers aka Небоскребы


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Небоскребы, Небоскребы (Skyscrapers)

I know that there are a few visitors to this blog who lived in Soviet Union in the 80th and 90th and will probably relate to this post. Every time I visit NYC or see movies with some action in Manhattan I think of a little verse from a song that goes like this in Russian: “ Небоскребы, Небоскребы, а Я маленький такой” which means “Skyscrapers, Skyscrapers, but I’m so little”. It was performed by the Russian immigrant to NYC and was very well known in Soviet Union. I don’t remember the rest of the song and actually as of today didn’t even remember the name of the guy who performed it. Today I had to see if it is available on youtube and hear it again. Sure thing, there are a few versions of it available, all pretty cheesy, here is one if you like to hear/see it.

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10 thoughts on “Skyscrapers aka Небоскребы

  1. That city would consume this country boy in about two days… Nice to visit but no way could I live there. Too stressful.

      1. How were you able to take the picture so it showed the street and also the tops of the buildings that were close to you. I can understand that you’d capture the tops of the faraway buildings but the close ones too? It’s like a wide angled lens but vertical.

      2. oh, yes, it is wide angle, it was taken at 14mm, on d90 it is equivalent to 21mm, still very wide. ran on the street, turned camera vertically and took a few photos with passing cars. liked this one the most. to me yellow taxis are NYC to the bone

  2. The song was performed by Villy Tokarev as I seem to remember, and it was just awful… As awful as anything else he’s ever performed.
    Luckily, it never pops in my head when I’m in New York.
    The photo is very nice, though.

  3. …and to think, I used to work just a few blocks down the street (Avenue of Americas, though us old folks still call it 6th Avenue). I should be upset that the company I worked for showed me the door after 27 years, but then again, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now, which is much more satisfying 🙂 Thanks for the rollercoaster ride of emotions from this simple photo! And BTW, I’ll be curious to what you think of the “ads” feature…..I’m a little hesitant, but your point about having it pay for upgrades makes sense. I doubt one will get rich from it… Keep shooting, bro!

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