Seattle Lights

Another view of the great city from the Dr Jose Rizal Park. Enjoy.

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26 thoughts on “Seattle Lights

  1. wow. those are really a lot of lights.
    PS – if you have a twitter account you can connect it to your wordpress so then when somebody shares your articles it won’t say Seattle Lights (link) via but it will say Seatlle Lights via @yourname. at least it should.

  2. I looked at all of your photos. Each one was technically perfect. But that’s what disturbed me. Your writing indicates you are passionate about your work, but also that you focus on teckkie aspects to the exclusion of ……..well, I don’t know how to put it. “One can only see clearly with the heart,” said The Little Prince. Your work is calender art, and I am bothering to comment because I don’t think that is what you want, but I do think that is what you have been taught. Unfortunately. I would suggest quitting for awhile and just going around looking. Your Big Sur ones of the lavender were romantic and they were lovely. Check out Diane Arbus, who is terrifying. And the great Public Works Project photography of the Depression era. Please just look for while and see with your heart. Anc come visit me.

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