Friday mystery photo

Hot, Hot, Hot

It is so hot on the East coast at the moment, today got up to 100F with some serious humidity. Being outdoors is very unpleasant. I was planning to do some shooting one of the nights this week, but decided against it.

Counter Attack

To counter attack this weather we have a wind of cold fresh air coming at you from the screen. I bet some day we’ll have technology that will allow to simulate the feel of the environment that we see on the screens of future devices. For now you can just imagine it.

I stayed overnight at this place, in a little tiny room on the first level, with my windows covered by the snow. It was kind of cool, especially during the day, because the snow had this light bluish color to it, illuminated from the faraway sun. So anyway what is that mountain on the horizon?

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37 thoughts on “Friday mystery photo

  1. Great and love the sentiment behind posting the shot…….I could do with a shot of the desert to counter act all the torrential rains we have been ‘enjoying’!

  2. Well, it’s winter where I live (shortest day yesterday :-)), but lucky for me it does not get this cold in our city! I have no idea where this photo is, but will second the vote for Santa’s Grotto!

  3. gorgeous photo! living on the east coast as well, this was a much needed breath of cold air… don’t know where it is though…

  4. This is a gorgeous shot of the less-photographed side of Timberline Lodge on Mt.Hood. But I have such a lousy sense of direction
    that I can’t tell you for sure whether the mountain you asked about is Mt. Jefferson in Oregon or Mt. Ranier in Washington. 🙂

  5. Welcome to my world for six months of every year in Florida. If I could move away from this heat, I would. It’ll likely cool down for you sooner than later. Lovely, lovely photo.

  6. I guess it’s not fair for me to answer since I live in the Pacific Northwest and have been to this gorgeous place (Timberline Lodge) many times. It’s one of my favorite places. But, to answer your question, the mountain on the horizon is Mount Jefferson, Oregon. Nice shot!

  7. While currently in the process of being sauteed in Brooklyn, that sort of imagery looks wonderful to me. Of course, come January/ February, it won’t look as wonderful.

  8. I was going to say Japan, up north.. but obviously totally wrong. Like you, I sometimes post photos of snow to feel cool in summer. This one, in particular, caught my attention.

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